Innate Intelligence It's Within Us All

"Within each of us is an innate wisdom or healthy energy that will express itself as perfect health and well-being if we allow it to. Therefore, the purpose of chiropractic care is to remove any physiological blocks to the proper expression of the body's innate wisdom".

What is Innate Intelligence?

It is that life force within all of us that makes us different from a rock! Just kidding, but really. Innate intelligence is that inner knowledge of your body that directs all actions that occur in your body intentionally and unintentionally. Let me ask you as question. Did you just tell your heart to beat or to digest the food you just ate? I don't think so. That happens because of this inner wisdom that every living being possesses. It's that thing that tells you when to eat, sleep, heal and every other unconscious mechanism your body does on a daily basis. This is the force that keeps you in homeostasis.

What is homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the bodies way of creating and maintaining balance. It is what elevates your heart rate when you are running around the track and brings it back down to normal at rest. It's what signals hormones to be released that regulate everything from the calcium in your bones to the monthly cycles that you go through. (Men you have hormonal cycles too so this still applies to you).

Why is innate intelligence so important to know about?

Let's just think about, for a minute, how you came to be. Your parents both gave one cell each that came together and over nine months those two cells multiplied to billions of cells. WOW! Can you wrap your mind around that?! You are amazing! And it's all because of your innate intelligence!!

Your innate Intelligence wants nothing but the best for you, but sometimes we can't be our best selves because things get in the way. These things I speak of are the 3 T's which are Thoughts, Traumas and Toxins. The 3 T's get in the way of our innate intelligence and make it hard for us to heal, think and function. Let's break them down...


Our thoughts good and bad can actually affect the way the body functions. They can influence your bodies chemistry, your mindset and how your body handles stress. Have you ever had a really down day and all you wanted to do was lay in bed. That is one example of how your thoughts and mindset can affect your entire body.


There are two types of traumas, micro- and macro-traumas. Micro-traumas are those things that you do every single day that don't seem like that big a deal. An example of this is someone who sits at a desk for 8 hours a day for their job. Sitting for extended periods of time has detrimental effects on your posture, your muscles and the curves in your spines. This is compounded by looking down at a computer screen. This increased tension in your neck muscles and slowly pulls your head out in front of you body rather than sitting on top of your shoulders where it should be. Macro-traumas are things like falls and accidents. An example of this is a car accident. For anyone who has been in a car accident, you know what this does to your body. If you have gotten whiplash, the muscles and ligaments were damaged and could have caused you pain and discomfort. Both of these types of traumas can interfere with your innate intelligence because they are changing the normal structure of your body, and as the saying goes "form determines function". When your body is not expressing its optimal form there is no way it can perform its optimal function.


TOXINS!! These are a real issue in our world today. Whether it's the food we eat, the water we drink, or the air we breath we are constantly being bombarded with toxins that are unnatural to our body. Although some of these toxins can be processed and discarded by our bodies, the shear amount that we are encountering is too much for many of us to handle. There are studies out today that show a new born child has up to 230 toxins in their umbilical card AT BIRTH. Our innate intelligence was not meant to handle that many toxins from the get go. Some ways to reduce your toxin load are listed below and are a great way to help your innate do its job with less interference from the outside world.

What can we do about the 3 T's?

GET ADJUSTED GET ADJUSTED GET ADJUSTED! Oh did I mention chiropractic care to get adjusted?! Removing the interference in your nervous system with regular chiropractic adjustments is a great way to help your innate handle the stresses of your everyday life. When you ave an optimally functioning nervous system, everything works better.

Other things you can do include:

Getting plenty of sleep

Eating a clean and whole food diet

Drinking fluoride free water

Decreasing stresses in your life the best that you can

Practicing self care

Decreasing your alcohol consumption and not smoking

Getting outdoors

Having a positive outlook on life

Help out you and your families innate intelligence by including some or all of these in your daily life. Call 412-758-7312 or email to set up your chiropractic check-up today.

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